The members of our team are highly qualified and have engineer degrees in electricity, mechanic or development of renewable energies. Their technical knowledge and their numerous years of experience in the field make them essential partners. The whole team speaks perfectly English and the majority also speaks German and Spanish. Their initiative, their analysis and their reactivity as regards hazards of the construction sites are part of their qualities.

Our team regularly moves to construction sites and control themselves the quality and the security of the work. The members of the company are regularly trained to meet field issues and to be efficiently prepared for the organization and the management of the construction site meetings. Elys is very close to all its partners and has always promoted communication externally and internally.

Our company’s policy is to work with motivated and friendly employees

whose priority is to do quality work.

Vincent Brare

Président and founder of Elys

Vincent Brare founded Elys in 2008. Graduated in civil engineering and renewable energies, he has participated to the installation of more than 700MW of wind power.[...]

Anaïs Albert

Human Resources Director

Since Elys’ creation in 2008, Anaïs has always been a driving force for the development of the company. With Vincent Brare, she named the company Elys.[...]

Johan Julien

Head of law and finance

Johan worked at ‘Lamy & associés’ in business law and then joined the field of renewable energies as head of law and finance.[...]

Antoine Berçon

Project Manager and Team Leader – Electrotechnician Engineer

Antoine knows perfectly the issues linked to wind farm constructions and ‘HTB’ station from the preliminary studies to the commissioning.[...]

Benjamin Lévêque

Head of Paris agency

Since 2011 with Elys, Benjamin has taken care of several projects in their entirety and has realized several major complex sites.[...]

Guillaume FAUTHOUX

ELYS ESPANA Director - Civil Engineer


Amine Araqi Houssaïni

Project Manager and Head of Casablanca agency

Amine a 8 années d’expérience dans la gestion de projets éolien et photovoltaïque.[...]

Yan Fournier

Head of electrical department

Yan has a strong experience in the field of commissioning, protection, control and data management from SCADA (supervisory control and data acquisition).[...]

Vincent Yvin

Project Manager – Mechanical Engineering Engineer

Vincent has managed several projects in their entirely since his arrival at Elys in 2012. He has excellent skills in the field.[...]

Thierry Ternois

Project Manager - Civil Engineering Engineer

Thierry has been working in the field of renewable energies since 2002 and has extensive knowledge in wind farm construction.[...]

Mickaël Cariou

Project Manager - Electrical Engineer

Mickaël undertakes the preliminary plans and studies and manages the wind farm constructions as well as high voltage station.[...]

Danko Mandič

Project Manager - Renewable energy and civil engineering

Civil engineer in the field of renewable energies, Danko has very good skills in several IT programs including AutoCAD software[...]


Project Manager - Generalist Engineer



Project Manager - Renewable energy and civil engineering


Youssef SRIKAH

Project Manager - Electrical and Mechanical Engineer


Christophe CALCET

Site Manager - Environmental and Civil Engineer


Francine PETNGA

Electrical Engineer



Project Manager - Renewable energy and civil engineering


Bouzid AYOUB

Wind & Solar PV Project Manager


Alberto ANGULO

Project Manager - Renewable energy and civil engineering