Independence and adaptability

Elys is an independent and responsive company that quickly and effectively adapts to your project needs by offering tailor made solutions. Working with Elys, you benefit from the flexibility of a small and focused organization that prioritizes quality of service and customer satisfaction.


Elys take great care in our project investment to ensure that our projects are technically and financially optimized. Our interdisciplinary expertise and know how enable us to guarantee our customers investment is done both methodically and responsibly to optimise the financial productivity of your project.

Quality control

It is not easy to undertake a project by guaranteeing maximum quality at all stages. This is why, it is important to put in place relevant checkpoints in order to secure the whole process. With Elys you can be sure that all appropriate human resources and essential controls are united to guarantee the quality of construction. Regular site visits by our team ensure our customer requirement is being respected and also allows for quality control inspection.


The security of our construction sites is a top priority and our team members regularly attend construction sites to check that safety regulations are respected. Our project managers are requested to assign OSH experts to strengthen safety controls and their implementation on our sites. With Elys, we highlight communication training as a key skill set to our staff. We are convinced that a mobile team who is reachable at all times give the entire staff and workers confidence and therefore will reduce the risk of accidents due to a low level of stress.

Respect of the environment

Our centre of activity is focused on renewable energies, consequently we adopt a respectful environmental approach throughout our organisation. We favour public transport where possible and ensure that company vehicles are maintained and checked regularly in order to minimise CO2 emissions. Our design and the sizing approach of the infrastructures always occurs with a deep respect of nature and the environment.