Leader and Specialist

Ely is the market leader of third party wind farm construction in France. We are also the only French company entirely specialized in the project management of wind farm construction.

A simple and efficient structure

Small enterprises like us favour full control over each stage of our projects. We pride ourselves on the quality of our constructions and by keeping a small team we can optimize internal and external communication to utilize our knowledge and expertise.

With Elys you avoid slow administrative processes and are able to take advantage of a reactive and flexible small structure that prioritises the quality of our service delivery.

One team, many skills

Through limiting the size of our company to around 10 employees we help protect our company spirit while encouraging the development of skills and experience.  The members of our team are highly qualified and have engineering degrees in multiple disciplines (electrical, mechanical, civil engineering and renewable energies). Our engineer’s technical knowledge, numerous years of experience and project contributions make them indispensable employees. The team regularly visits construction sites to asses work quality, asses project development, perform hazard testing and on-site safety inspections. Our engineers are in tune with our partners and we give great importance to communication and team work both internally and externally.

A competent team, customer satisfaction guaranteed

Efficient tools

Avoiding mistakes is essential in optimizing and delivering a project on time and within budget. As a company, Elys is continually investing in software to maximize planning, implementation, risk assessment and delivery before the construction stage.

Covadis :

Covadis is a software of topography, levelling, roads and networks infrastructure and structural engineering. It enables to process the infrastructure a project from its initial phase to its final phase.
(Source : http://www.geo-media.com/covadis.htm)


Autocad map 3D

Autocad Map 3D is a model-based GIS and mapping software. It is used to get broad access to CAD and GIS data to support planning, design, and data management.
(Source : http://www.autodesk.fr/products/autocad-map-3d/overview)


DigSILENT Powerfactory

DIgSILENT PowerFactory is a leading power system analysis software for applications in generation, transmission, distribution and industrial systems. It caters for all standard power system analysis needs including high-end applications in new technologies for wind power, distributed generation and the handling of very large power systems.
(Source : http://www.digsilent.de/index.php/fr-products-powerfactory.html)


SES tech

SES’s primary focus is helping its customer assess and mitigate the effects of grounding & electromagnetic interference on people, equipment and the environment.
(Source : http://www.sestech.com/French/)