Project development phase

Our technical skills can help you to the development of your projects: conception of maps, road survey…

  • Technical audit of the sites
  • Evaluation of acces issues, road survey
  • design of plan : roads, platforms, grids…
  • design of grids and electric station
  • Advice on wind turbine size
  • Advice on private owners’ authorizations
  • Estimated budget of works

After building permit obtained

The president and the Administrative and Financial Director’s experiences can help your project and your team on legal and financial coordination in order to make easier your financing acquisitions.

Technical support

  • Advice on bulding permit modification
  • Road survey
  • External and internal connections (design, optimization)
  • Negociation support with the turbine manufacturer, contract optimization
  • Call for tenders for technical management
  • Advice for exanges with the technical advisor
    • Advice for the set up of the Due Dilligence file
    • Explanation, justification of the technical solutions
    • Adaptation of the project with potential alterations

Financial and legal coordination

Chartered accountant, financial auditor

  • Necessary information collection
  • Adjustment of financial figures
  • Financial optimization

Insurance broker

  • Supplying of necessary information for calls for tenders
  • Interface with the broker
  • Adjustment of caps and deductibles to the project


  • Checking of appendix of the promesses, land leases and dependence

Financial auditor (KPMG, E&Y, Price, Deloitte, Mazars…) and legal auditor (CGR, Norton Rose, Gide…)

  • Advice for the set up of the Due Dilligence file
  • Explanation of documents and relation with authors
  • Implementation of the eventual alteration

Legal advisor

  • Advice for the technical and commercial negociations with contractors

Construction phase

It is our core business. With Elys you will have the best services that you can find on the market : construction site preparation (geotechnical studies, writing of specifications, consultations...), monitoring of work (coordination of the Players, organization of site meetings, quality control, security...), reception and commissioning of wind turbines.


  • Analyses of bulding permit datas
  • Check, selection and coordination of design office reports
  • Geotechnical design office
  • Hydrogeological design office
  • Technical check office
  • Health and safety office
  • Surveyor
  • Drafting of technical specification
    • Roads and platforms
    • Civil works
    • Electrical works
  • Elaboration of plannings
  • Elaboration of quality control process
  • Management of calls for tenders
  • Technical adjustment of the various proposals
  • Cost and commercial conditions’ negociations
  • Advice for contractors’ selection and signing of the agreement


  • Contractor coordination
  • Management of sites meeting
  • Quality check of works
  • Management of site hazards
  • Health and safety check
  • Invoices control
  • Works taking over
  • Coordination of installation and commissioning of the wind turbines
  • Visual check of wind turbine elements
  • External grid connection coordination with the grid managers (ERDF, RTE…)
  • Taking over of wind turbines
  • Achieved works documentation (DOE)

Electrical engineering

The electric skill of our engineers along with our powerful software allow us to propose different services: from helping your relation with ERDF/RTE, to the achievement and the monitoring of high voltage station via many other stages.


  • ENEDIS and RTE management relations
    • Administrative request PEFA, PTF, CR
    • Negotiating terms & conditions
  • Optimization of connection paths
  • Alternative solutions research (private high voltage station)

HTA / HTB design (PowerFactory tools)

  • Calculation of electricity losses and sizing networks
  • Drafting of specifications and design of high voltage station
  • Selectivity studies

Grounding System (SesTech tools)

  • Earthing Analysis and suggestions of improvements
  • Sizing of grounding : high voltage station

Operational phase

Our technical skills (SCADA, industriel IT) and our good knowledge of different players allow us to offer some services during the operational phase.

  • Advice on the results of wind turbines and high voltage station
  • Advice on energy control center
  • History analysis of wind turbines datas
  • Possible improvements to increase the availability and/or production
  • Retrofit