In-house design office

Elys has its own civil and electrical engineering design office and can therefore manage your projects from design through to completion.

The quality of our work benefits from both our specialisation in renewable energy and our extensive experience. Indeed, at Elys, all studies are based on strong knowledge of the site and the infrastructure. Our engineers use high-performance software to optimise your project design, thereby reducing your construction and operating costs (CAPEX and OPEX).

SES Tech (grounding and earthing network)

SES Tech is the world leader in grounding and earthing networks, electrical disturbances and electromagnetic interference. SES Tech’s main objective is to help its customers assess and mitigate the effects of grounding and electromagnetic interference on people, equipment and the environment in a safe, effective and economical manner.
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DigSILENT Powerfactory

DigSILENT Powerfactory is a standard- and trend-setting software for power grid simulation, analysis and modelling. The proven benefits of PowerFactory software are the functional integration, performance of T&D, generation and industrial network modelling, and network interaction analysis capabilities. Almost all wind power systems are simulated using this software.
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Covadis: design, site overview

Covadis is a topography, earthwork, infrastructure and civil engineering software based in AutoCAD®. It allows an infrastructure project to be processed from its initial phase (importing site data) to its final phase (integrating the project in 3D, 3D visualisation, working drawings, bill of quantities and construction schedules).
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AutoCAD Map 3D

AutoCAD Map 3D is a model-based GIS and mapping software. AutoCAD® Map 3D software allows you to access and use CAD and GIS data from a variety of sources to complete planning, design and data management tasks.
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PVsyst / PVcase

PVsyst and PVcase are the reference software for the solar industry and allow us to conduct studies from pre-design phases through to detailed studies for all solar sites, ranging from the simplest to the most complex in terms of implementation.

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AutoTURN PRO is a simulation and analysis software that allows us to verify our design projects (roads and sites) and to find optimised solutions to the challenges posed by complex accesses for exceptional vehicles.
It allows us to propose safe and efficient solutions for the turning and manoeuvring of convoys, by responding to the particularities of each project (obstacles, slopes, environmental constraints, etc.).